FMCSA Medical Exam Form

All DOT/CDL (CMV) drivers are required to fill out SECTION 1 (pages 1 and 2) of the FMCSA Medical Examination Report Form.  This form can be printed and completed by the driver ahead of the office visit, expediting the examination.  

Medical Examination Report Form MCSA-5875
(For Commercial Driver Medical Certification) 

Medical Clearance Forms

For use by treating medical providers/primary care providers to supply additional information related to a patient's medical condition(s).  This information is necessary to complete DOT/CDL medical examinations for drivers with certain medical conditions.  Use the "Medical DOT Clearance Form" for any medical condition not listed below.

Non-Insulin-Treated Diabetes

DOT Clearance Form 

Insulin-Treated Diabetes Mellitus Assessment Form MCSA-5870 


DOT Clearance Form


DOT Clearance Form

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

DOT Clearance Form

DOT Clearance Form

Return to Duty / Work

DOT Clearance Form

 391.41 CMV Driver
Medication Form MCSA-5895  

Vision Evaluation
Report Form MCSA-5871