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Our Story

An Owner - Operator


DOT STOP med is privately owned and operated by Founder / Medical Director Deborah Castile, PA-C.  Deborah did not take up the family business in trucking, instead pursuing a career in medicine.  She is a board certified Physician Assistant and Certified FMCSA Medical Examiner. Deborah has been a practicing medical provider for 36 years.  The first 10 years of her career was spent in Orthopedic Surgery and ER Medicine. The next 26 years focused on DOT / CDL Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Orthopedics, and Urgent Care. 

A Family of Truckers

Deborah's father was a trucker for 36 years (pictured in the old blue Kenworth, holding Deborah's son).  He began with one Kenworth truck, subcontracting for larger carrier companies.  Within a few years, he had built a small fleet of Kenworths, adding additional drivers to his team.  He hauled a variety of freight nationwide until scaling down the operation in the early 80s.


Deborah's mother began trucking in 1986.  She joined her husband and together operated a single rig as OTR expedite drivers.  They worked in separate shifts (one at the wheel, one in the bunk) developing a reputation for delivering loads ahead of schedule.  Subcontracting continued with other carriers, hauling food products, Hollywood movie props, and even engines for Air Force One.  They drove together for 6 six years, retiring in 1997. 

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A Drive

As Deborah's parents continued to drive, she noticed the negative effect the OTR / long-haul trucking lifestyle had on their health.  While on the road, her parents found it difficult to manage their medical issues.  Compliance with DOT medical regulations was difficult to meet / maintain for many drivers that rarely left the road.  There’s a strict schedule to keep, leaving very little time to care for one’s self.  Even if time could be set aside, there was still an issue of proximity and availability of services.  There were plenty of roadside services for a driver’s vehicle, but very few to support their personal health.  Many of the medical services that were available, had no truck parking and very limited hours.      

So, Deborah set a goal to create an urgent care / occupational medicine clinic devoted to DOT / CDL drivers. "These drivers carry the weight of America.  Whether it’s hauling our goods or our loved ones, we trust them with our most valuable possessions.  They deserve accessible, affordable, quality healthcare that fits their driving schedule."  She worked tirelessly for years at two separate jobs to fund the project. Deborah used what little free time she had to fill dozens of notebooks with ideas for the perfect clinic.    

Three years later, she recruited a highly-knowledgeable, dedicated staff and opened DOT STOP med on 10/01/19. "I couldn't have found a better group of individuals to care for our patients!  They are truly what make this place special."  The office is unique. Its layout was designed to support an organized, efficient operation, getting drivers back on the road quickly.  Custom signs and artwork fill the walls, paying homage to drivers and local roadways.  The clinic's decor and television programming were designed by Deborah's family to inform and entertain professional drivers while they wait.  "We are different, so we definitely needed to look different.  One look and drivers know it was built for them."

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